Cops implicated in death of Nateniël Julies had a ‘hunger to kill’, court hears

It was revealed that he also has a pending case.

Mrwabe argued that Ndyalvane and co-accused Const Caylene Whiteboy “clearly had an intention to kill” when they shot Julies.  

Recalling events leading to the fatal shooting, Mrwabe told the court that the pair had earlier dispersed a group of people who had been drinking alcohol, which he said was not a crime.  

“They took out a firearm to disperse a group of people who were drinking, when drinking is not a crime per se. They drove away because they had not quenched their thirst of shooting … They later shot Nateniël … They were on a shooting spree.” 

Mrwabe argued it was not in the interest of justice for Ndyalvane to be released on bail.  

“He lied to you and said he has one conviction. How then are you going to trust applicant number one if he’s granted bail?”