‘No indications that corruption is slowing down,’ quips frustrated Zondo

“Leave that aside, I have also heard evidence about Vrede dairy farm, which was meant to benefit black farmers to earn a living. There too, the people who were meant to be beneficiaries — I heard evidence that they never got anything, yet million and millions of rands were paid out.”

Zondo added that the testimony relating to Free State was probably the tip of an iceberg if other provincial governments were to be looked at.

However, owing to time constraints, his commission is not going to investigate other provincial governments. This is because Zondo has set December 2020 as the last month to hear oral evidence before compiling his report no later than March 2021.

“It [the evidence] does not necessarily meant Free State province was the worst because we have not heard others provinces and we will not because that kind of job needs years to do,” he said.

As a parting shot, Zondo expressed his concern that corruption in the country did not seem to be disappearing.

“This is something that troubles me quite a lot. It’s most frustrating to hear what I hear in this commission, and there are no indications that it is slowing down.

“It seems there are people who do not care. They want their fair share out of corruption.” 

The inquiry hearings will continue on Friday, a day in which former multiple-portfolios MEC in the Free State, Mosebenzi Zwane, is expected to be grilled.