Thoughts on Elisa Lam

I was rewatching the elevator video today and it became pretty clear to me that she was being followed. She seems to be under the influence of something; I know they don’t often test for Ketamine in tox screens and some of her blood wasn’t able to be tested due to decomposition, but her movements look consistent with ketamine intoxication to me… trust me, I would know 🙃. Anyways, I say that she was being followed and NOT psychotic (though K does induce a kind of temporary psychosis in high doses) because of the button pressing. Why would she do this? Well, in my speculation, to render the elevator incapacitated for an extended period of time; as it rose through every floor, someone following her would be either forced to use it and have their progress slowed, or unable to use it to follow her trail and have to use the stairs. Also, in pressing all the buttons, someone following her would have no idea which floor she was on or how to track her. I think she planned to take it up one floor and then bolt on foot. Unfortunately the Cecil is old, and the elevator paused too long on the ground floor where we see her press the buttons. While she waits her anxious state, she peeks out to see if her stalker is there on two occasions, the second of which is where she is spotted by the unknown individual and we see her gesticulating to an unknown presence down the hall. This unknown person waits for the elevator door to close as to avoid the cameras, then orders Lam to come with him, where he directed her up the stairs to the roof to meet her gruesome death. The knowledge of the cameras and the ease with which Lam was able to access the roof and water tank lead me to believe she was in fact killed by a hotel employee, perhaps after building a relationship with them partying during her stay that somehow turned sour. Was she really moved to a private room because of guest complaints, or to pursue a romantic tryst with an employee of the Cecil that ended up taking a dark turn? I’ve found no witness accounts as to her alleged strange behavior from her fellow guests. Just a theory.

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