NSW-Victoria border to close as Victoria records 127 COVID-19 cases, Australia death toll at 106

“What about people that work in Albury but live in Wodonga? What about people who have kids in Echuca who go to school in Moama?”

The opposition leader said exemptions being granted to people living near the border would help practically but do little to quell the inconvenience.

“The fact they’re going to have to go and apply for a piece of paper to allow them to go to work or allow their kids to go to school is going to be an enormous imposition on these people,” he told reporters.

Asked what he would do differently to the government now, Mr O’Brien repeated his calls for the Australian Defence Force to be brought in to manage hotel quarantine and assist further with the lockdown of nine social housing towers in Melbourne.

“What’s really concerning is the government still fails to fix the problems. The government is still messing around at the edges with baggage handlers, with flight attendants on hotel quarantine, instead of just bringing in the army,” said Mr O’Brien, referencing the government’s offer for Qantas and Jetstar workers to bolster the hotel quarantine program.

“Why doesnt Daniel Andrews, just for once, admit he’s made a mistake, bring in the Australian Defence Force and get them to fix the problems caused?”

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