#ICYMI: Mandatory masks, wider testing, more news

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020: Here are some of the stories Montreal Gazette reporters have been following today.

No masks, no rides for Quebec public-transit users

Starting July 13, Quebec commuters will have to wear a face mask by law in order to board a bus, métro or train anywhere in the province. After a two-week transition period to allow people to acquire masks, anyone not wearing one will be barred entry as of July 27, Premier François Legault announced Tuesday. Read more.

Quebec will broaden testing efforts

Concerned about catching signs of a second wave of COVID-19 early, Quebec is planning to launch a more aggressive testing strategy covering a wider range of persons, including those who are asymptomatic. Read more.

Video: What’s the deal with testing?

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Father calls for improvements at Montreal Marathon

The father of Patrick Neely, the 24-year-old runner who collapsed near the end of the half-marathon event at last year’s Montreal Marathon, denounced what he calls the “mind-boggling comedy of errors” revealed in the coroner’s report into his son’s death. Read more.

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