20,140 educators above and below 60 have reported comorbidities

There are 20,140 educators above and below 60 years of age who have reported comorbidities.

This was announced by Matanzima Mweli, director-general of the department of basic education, while briefing the education portfolio committee on the state of readiness on re-opening of schools on Tuesday. Mweli said KwaZulu-Natal had the most reported numbers with 4,127 followed by Eastern Cape with 3,652, Gauteng with 3,048 and North West with 2,501 reported cases.

Limpopo province had the least number of educators reported comorbidities with only 423. Mweli said the department had 18,791 educators who were 60 years and above. Gauteng had the most numbers with 3,699 followed by KwaZulu-Natal with 3,055 and Northern Cape only had 738.

Mweli said to manage comorbidities, a concession process to follow for employees with a comorbidity (Covid-19) was signed and issued.

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