Photos of aftermath of riots

Police cars were blown up, windows were smashed and graffiti that levelled threats against American police officers were seen across the US over the weekend as the country’s protests continued.

The turbulence sparked by the death of George Floyd – an African American man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee into his neck for several minutes – shook not only the streets of New York and Los Angeles, but dozens of smaller communities such as Fargo, North Dakota, and Lincoln, Nebraska.

Peaceful protests involving tens of thousands of people on Saturday gave way, in some places, to violence, with police vehicles torched, stores emptied and objects hurled at officers.

But a number of powerful, peaceful moments have also gone viral.

One showed an African-American woman kneeling in front of armed police during a protest on East Santa Clara Street in San Jose, California over the weekend.

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The photo was captured by Dai Sugano, a photojournalist at The Mercury News who has also captured many scenes of the increasingly violent protests and looting following Floyd’s death.

Another incredible moment happened in Shreveport, Louisiana where an emotional protester broke down in tears and was comforted by a police officer.

Elsewhere, the police response varied from restrained to aggressive, with officers at times firing tear gas and rubber bullets. Police and peaceful protesters alike pleaded for a stop to violence, saying it weakened calls for justice and reform.

Pictures showed the aftermath of the horrific and violent protests.

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