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All of djs coverage so far as well as a recap of what happened. Dj Fickey was a victim of a love triangle between his wife and another man. Brandy, djs wife would go back and forth between Dj and this other man. While texting family and friends begging for a ride out of the situation and place he was staying Dj stated his life depended on getting a ride out of there, that he was going to die there and his life depended on it. That him and his wife needed to leave to save both of their lives. 2 – 3 minutes later a call came into 911 stating there was a guy there that had shot hisself by the person of interest “ex boyfriend”. He had been fatally shot in the left side of his face with a shotgun at a downward angle. Dj was right handed. From the time 911 was called and after, the entire investigation only went downhill from there. The 911 dispatcher told person of interest to move the gun and secure it. It was a single shot shotgun that belonged to the person of interest so no need to unload and secure it. Dj was shot in the left cheek at the corner of the lip area front to back, left to right at a downward angle. Dj was right handed and was sitting on a love seat texting his mom when he was shot. Jealously, murder, a bungled investigation, failed polygraph test, and re-enactment of the shooting, person of interest changing his story of what happen many times, not treating the scene as anything other then a suicide, not doing a gun residue test on Djs hands nor any other forensic or ballistics testing, there was many witnesses and yet no charges and a murderer is free with not even a slap on the hand. All we have asked is for the DA to present this to a grand jury. They refuse. The gun has never been tested for finger prints and still sits in the evidence room. The person of interest took off before the investigation was even over with. All we want is justice so another family doesn’t have to suffer from the hands of this monster. Dj leaves behind 3 babies who at the time of his murder were a two year old little boy and a set of twin girls age one.

Motive: jealously, suspect was having an affair with victims wife. Wanted victim out of the picture.


  1. Two eye witnesses that state suspect came out of bedroom behind Djs left side, pointed gun at Dj and suspects finger was on the trigger

  2. Victim was right handed but was shot in left side of check at downward angel with shotgun.

  3. victim was pleading for help and a ride out of the home and away from suspect just minutes before he was shot and suspect called 911

  4. suspect failed re-enactment of shooting as well as polygraph test.

  5. Suspect changed his account of what happened 5 to 6 times

  6. Shotgun belonged to suspect and was seen with shotgun day prior to shooting inside the camper where suspect stayed.

  7. Victim was not depressed, did not voice any suicidal thoughts or feelings

  8. No suicide note

  9. Victim was never tested for gun shot residue

  10. Victims arms were never measured to see if it was even possible for victim to shoot hisself in that direction.

  11. Victim was making future plans.

Conclusion: DA states suicide because suspect stated he saw victim shoot hisself.

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