COVID-19 diagnoses creep ahead in Qld

The number of new COVID -19 cases has crept forward after six more Queenslanders were diagnosed overnight, bringing the state’s total to 1007.

One of the new cases is a Cairns hospital laboratory worker who tested positive after being exposed by a person visiting the pathology lab.

A total of 19 people remain in hospital with 11 in intensive care.

The death toll remains at five in Queensland.

Despite the flattening of the curve, the state government will not consider rolling back coronavirus restrictions.

“This is a marathon. We do not want to lift the restrictions and see a spike in the infection rate,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Friday.

“Anything we do involves risks, this is about looking at that risk profile and doing what is best for Queenslanders.

“We are going to tread carefully and responsibly. It’s a fine balance to get this right but the virus is here in Queensland and we need to understand that.”

Queensland has ramped up its testing regime, carrying out 2503 tests in the past 24 hours – more than half of the 4884 tests carried out nationwide.

“We are doing an enormous amount of testing and we will increase that as needed,” Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said.

As social distancing remains in place, Queensland police slapped one of their own with a fine for not social distancing while off duty.

A constable from the northern police region was fined $1,334 for failing to comply with the COVID-19 directions.

Police say the officer failed to comply with the social-distancing rules and travelling for non-essential business on April 10.

Two men and a woman from Townsville have been charged after falsely claiming to have isolated themselves for 14 days before travelling to Doomadgee on Easter Sunday.

It is among a number of remote committees where entry has been restricted to stop the virus spreading.

“We urge everyone to follow the public health directions, employ social distancing practices and avoid unnecessary travel so we can limit the spread of coronavirus,” a police statement said.

“Local police will not tolerate this reckless behaviour and have strict measures in place to ensure the Doomadgee community is protected.”

Meanwhile, a passenger on a packed Qantas flight from Sydney to Brisbane on Monday was infectious with COVID-19.

Queensland Health warned other passengers of the diagnosis by text and then a phone call before directing them via email on Thursday to self-quarantine.

The flight, QF520, arrived at Brisbane domestic terminal early on Monday afternoon.

It’s unknown if the passenger knew they were infectious when they boarded the flight or when they were diagnosed with COVID-19.

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